Beer Tasting

From 60€ per person 3 hours


Gdank has a huge tradition of craft beer. The average nobleman drank about 700 liters of beer per year. At the beginning of the 16th century, over 400 breweries were operating in Gdansk. Spend an awesome night in Gdansk.

Sample the best Polish beers during this 3-hour beer tasting tour in Gdansk. Your friendly beer master will explain the most important aspects of professional beer tasting and tell you all about the beer brewing traditions of Poland.

This fun and educational evening will offer an insightful introduction into the world of beer brewing in Gdansk. You’ll leave the tour an expert on Polish mass and regional beers. Enjoy a relaxed but sophisticated experience as you sample beers from major, mass producing Polish breweries, as well as specialty beers from local Gdansk microbreweries and brew houses. Learn the complexities of beer through the fundamental rules of proper and correct tasting, examining the aspect, aroma, taste, body and finish.

The trip will be led by a guide who will explain the different brewing processes and ingredients required to make each beer, as well as help you sharpen your tasting skills. You’ll also learn about the history of beer brewing in the Poland and of the most important brewing traditions of the Polish master brewers. Many Gdansk pubs stock the beers from just one brewery. This Polish beer tasting will enable you to try a full range in one sitting, right where they are appreciated the best – in the heart of Gdansk.

What’s included
  • 10+ regional and original beer (100 to 150 mililiters each)
  • Traditional Polish snacks or salmon tartare
  • Beer snacks
  • Private guide

Duration: 3 hours

Monday – Sunday 

Meeting Point
Next to Cinema City Krewetka


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