Vodka Marathon

Only 100€ per person 5 hours

This evening will be a huge challenge with lots of fun! Just check our offer and enjoy unforgettable moments with your friends!


If you are reading our offer that means that you are looking for an experience that you will never forget!

At the beginning I should say that it won’t be another unexceptional evening, it’s going to be full distance vodka marathon abounding in many crazy challenges, liters of vodka in best locals and hot girls around. Of course we have to somehow confirm your achievements, so you and all of your friends will get commemorative t-shirt on which we will stick stars as a symbol of completed task. We will see if you can earn 6 stars! This night will totally blow you up, reserved only for real tough guys! And don’t worry you will have fun like never before, we are going to take care about you and your friends! Ah, we forgot to mention, common guide isn’t suitable for this trip… so you will be being shown around by a beautiful hostess.

• Enjoy 10 incredible shots and 1 powerful Chuck Norris drink
• Challenges in every single place
• Spend with us 5-hour long vodka trip
• Visit 5 best places in Gdansk and 1 shot bar in Sopot
• Taste typical delicious polish appetizer
• Get free commemorative t-shirt with your earned achievements for each one of a team!
• Get free vip club entry to the top Sopot club
• You have your private chauffeur
• Guide tour as a beautiful hostess

If you prefer knowing the country by its liquors and the city by its bars, then this is what you need! For the whole time you are accompanied by a hostess who helps you understand Polish culture, customs and cuisine. And no worries about transportation, no need to call a taxi, no waiting for public transport or walking unnecessary miles and getting lost!

You start by being picked up from your hotel, where you will be greeted by your private guide. After that we have the pleasure of inviting you to the restaurant which has the biggest variety of Polish vodkas in the world! In this particular place you can taste over 150 different types of vodka. Here you will start collecting your achievements! First challenge won’t be that difficult but it’s easy to make a mistake. You’ll have to deal with 63% powerful plum vodka in traditional Gdansk way. But remember according to the tradition if someone deviate from procedure have to pay drinks for each one of his mates! We will see if you can handle this strong vodka without chaser…

After that, kitchen will prepare for you truly delicious Baltic salmon tartare. In Poland it’s said that you should eat much and fat food before parting hard. We ensure you that without this appetizer no one will survive this evening and reach all 6 achievements!
Be prepare for very funny moments, one of them is coming now. We will go to very climatic place to spend an evening but sometime appearances are deceptive. Your next challenge won’t be so elegant. We are sure that when you get to know your new task you will laugh at the haze!

Now it’s high time we went to the best bar in Gdansk listed as a first one on tripadvisor! Amazing place, amazing drink – here will be being waiting for you Chuck Norris “drink”. We won’t give you recipes but trust us the word it will be something really strong. I can’t say anything more than shot, shot, shot! What does it mean? See for yourself. After that challenger you will collect third star and for some it might be their last achievement this night…

In our brochure we have mention something about fire and it wasn’t metaphor. Ladies and gentlemen – it’s showtime! We are taking you to the shot-bar where best barmans prepare fancy shots in 69 compositions. In this place you will be encourage to pick up your shots straight from flames… We are calling this “trial by fire”.

In all previous places we were testing exclusive shots and drinks in luxurious places, now we will take you in a completely different atmosphere. In this club-bar you can party like nowhere else, it’s completely crazy place! Here you will try typical traditional polish vodka “Żytnia” produced from cereals with citrine only. We are sure that you will remember this challenge, it would be wonderful souvenir!

We say goodbye to Gdansk and we are going to the Sopot! Here we will visit the most original bar in all in the whole seaside resort. In this place you will try to earn your last, sixth achievements. We ensure you, it’s going to be the biggest challenge in your lifetime! We won’t tell you what challenge and what local is it, we are curious whether you dare to check!
After that, we will invite you to the one of best club in Sopot! We are convinced that charged with positive energy, with all collected achievements, it’s going to be best party ever!!

• 10 shots and 1 drink
• Salmon tartare
• Hostess as a guide
• Pick up and drop off(if you don’t go clubbing)
• Transport whole trip
• Free commemorative t-shirt
• Free vip club entry
• Souvenir photos and record emailed to you after the tour

This evening will be a huge challenge with lots of fun! Just check our offer and enjoy unforgettable moments with your friends!!


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