How looks like Gdansk in Winter

Often people are thinking if is it worth to visit Gdansk in Winter. Absolutely Gdansk is worth to see, every time of the year. It’s clear that is not possible to swim in the Baltic Sea but to be honest it’s hard to do it in Summer also – in case of low temperature of the water. In the hottest months the average temperature amount only circa +19 ºC, but winter holiday at the polish seaside has much more pros.

First of all prices are going down and it’s much easier to find accommodation near the Gdansk Old Town. This is the best time to relax without the crowd and take a rest in peace, away from the noise. In the high season Gdansk is being visited by approximately 6 million people.  It’s good time to buy some regional products and get to know culture of polish culinary.

Gdansk Old Town Neptune Fontain

You might be surprised but rainy weather is not any problem! I am going to tell you something more, generally the Tricity and the Old Town are the most beautiful when snow falls. Breathtaking views, picturesque streets and the romantic atmosphere of the old town. Yes, Gdansk has a lot to offer in winter. Expect that, one of the possibilities of spending free time is to book tours in gdansk or sightseeing with guide. Actually, you can do whatever you please – from gdansk city break through gdansk food tour to gdansk vodka tasting.So with your Family or Friends, regardless of the destination,  due to the wide range of offer, every tourist will find something interesting for themselves.

Holidays in Gdansk might be really satisfying and interesting but what is important, you have to know first, what it’s worth to do in Gdansk in Winter. With those tips, which you will find below, Gdansk is absolutely worth to visit even if it’s raining!

  1. The Gdansk Weather in Winter

The weather of the seaside towns is usually characterized by showers, strong winds and fresh iodine air. So when you are planning your trip to Gdansk, you should first check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly.  In all it is important to choose a reliable weather forecast. We truly recommend you can check weather in concret date and location. Average temperature in individual months amount:

How you can see, when you arrive to Poland, you have to be prepared for any eventuality.

The weather by the seas is very unpredictable, so you should bring with you both warm clothes and raincoat. The latest forecasts unambiguously indicate that the winter of the century is coming! But contrary to appearances it is very good news. As mentioned above, the city is most beautiful in winter when snow falls but it is not everything. A great idea for spending your free time in winter is a sleigh combined with fire and sausages or even skiing or snowboarding in Sopot.

  1. What To Do In Gdansk Gdansk Sightseeing

Sightseeing Gdansk in Winter is a little harder due to the fact that many museums and galleries may be closed or have shorter opening hours but it also has its pros. Often in Summer tourists can not visit every place, museum what they planned – especially during the Dominican Fair, because of the crowds and queues.In winter you will have enough time to see everything without any haste.

On Monday Gdansk History Museums are closed, but Thursday is free admission day for all guests of Gdansk museums. Below you can find information about opening hours for individual museums:

  1. Main Town Hall
  2. Artus Court
  3. Polish Post Museum in Gdańsk
  4. Amber Museum
  5. Uphagen House
  • Tuesday 10.00-13.00
  • Wednesday 10.00-16.00
  • Thursday 10.00-16.00
  • Friday 10.00-16.00
  • Saturday 10.00-16.00
  • Sunday  10.00-16.00

Be aware of that Main Town Hall or Artus Court might be closed. In addition to its museum functions, it also provides reception functions for events, especially important for the city, region and country. So you have to make sure that museums are open during your holidays. But of course it is possible to book a sightseeing tour and it is a really good way to get to know history, culture and tradition of Gdansk. Local guides can provide us with interesting information that we can’t read on the web or in the guidebook. Expect that you can be sure that the local travel agents offer original and unusual tour, which one you would never think about. One is certain the Gdansk Old Town is most beautiful in Winter.

Actual information about opening hours and various tours in Gdansk you can find on our website

  1.  Stadtführung DanzigDanzig Tour

I said that Gdansk has much to offer, but how it looks like in practice? Everything depends on the purpose of the trip. Usually the tours are divided into day and night or otherwise into sightseeing and nightlife. In turn, in the case of the first one we can distinguish two groups of trips – city break Gdansk and day tours from Gdansk. So you should not forget that staying in Gdansk is not limited only to this place. Gdynia, Sopot and … are also absolutely worth to visit, as an example Frombork, Frische Haff, Marienburg oder Stutthof can be given.

Malbork Castle on guided tour
Food tours in Gdansk with most famous polish flavors, meat and dumplings

Increasingly popular are gaining the tours where sightseeing meets as much fun as possible in small group of people. So for example if you prefer knowing the country by its liquors and the city by its bars, then this is what you need. Similar characteristic as this Gdansk Vodka Tasting Tour much else tours like Food Tour, Beer Tasting, Dumplings Food Tour or Cruise.  Anyway during trips like that for the whole time you are accompanied by a guide who helps you understand Polish culture, tradition, customs and cuisine.  It is said that this kind of trip is new and strong trend in tourism.  

Nevertheless also interesting are so-called special and original tours. Such trips as these very often are depend on the calendar or the weather. In winter travel agency organise for example sleigh ride lit by torches, night tour of the city and new year’s eve in Gdansk or Kashubian.

  1. Gdansk Airport, Tram Gdansk, Gdansk Public Transport and Taxi Gdansk.

At this point I would like to give you some useful information about transport. When you decide to take your first trip abroad, there are many things to consider and prepare, otherwise you might be a little bit confused in a foreign city. So It is important to know the basic information about place where you will arrive. First I am going to describe you a public transport in Gdansk  – Tram and Bus:

And what is very important probably you won’t be allowed to use discount tickets. For those who do not possess Polish documents entitling to discount travels, is possible only for:

Tram and Bus tickets (in one town):

  1. a)  Children and young people up to the age of 16 who are not Polish citizens. Reduced fares apply to passengers who hold a valid passport or any other document with a photograph which confirms the age and identity of the passenger.
  2. b)  Students of foreign universities up to the age of 26. Reduced fares apply to students who hold a valid European Youth Card – EURO 26 STUDENT or the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) issued outside Poland.
  3. c)  Students studying at Polish colleges. Reduced fares apply to students who hold a valid student card issued by these colleges.


Metropolitan tickets (in Gdansk-Sopot-Gdynia):

  1. a) children who are 4-7 years old;
  2. b) students of foreign institutions of higher education who are under 26 years old – on the   basis of  the European Youth Card EURO<26 “Student” or ISIC card. It applies only to cards issued outside the Republic of Poland

What is worth to emphasize, excluding Metropolitan tickets, in Gdansk we have various types of tickets for public transport and trains. Tickets have not been unified so each time the passenger must buy adequate ticket.

But where can you purchase a ticket? Currently it is possible to buy tickets in a few places, in Ticket machines, on a train/bus or by mobile application. Additionally 24-hour tickets and 72-hour tickets may be purchased conveniently at SKM sale points which are located at SKM stations or nearby.

Currently we have 4 mobile application on the market, where you can buy tickets.Those are GoPay, moBiLET, skycash and jakdojade. The last deserves the most attention. Jakdojade is not only app, where you can buy tickets, this one function also as a GPS but what is much better and most useful thing, jakdojade will show you, which train,bus, tram or other mode of transportation you should choose to get to your destination point. An important advantage is that the application is supported in English language. Anyway how you can see below if you buy tickets by this mobile app, you will have also spare some money.

Information about local public transport are genuinely useful, but the Gdansk Lech Wałęsa Airport is also important. Gdańsk Airport is located in Rębiechowo, 40 minutes from the city center.

Lech Wałęsa Airport serves you everything your heart desires. Check out overview for a list of all restaurants. In overview you will find all shops, catering facilities and service offers at Gdansk Airport.

Gdansk airport

How to get from the airport to Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot? There are few possibilities, you can take a bus, Metropolitan railway (PKM – from 2016 year in Gdansk) or just call a taxi. You can find the current timetable in the above mentioned mobile application. More information about the Gdansk airport will be published in the next post.

Gdansk in winter it is not only slogan, it is something more, this is a story with a soul. What is the story I mean? Visit the Gdansk in winter and see for yourself.

I hope that this post will encourage you to visit Gdansk and will help in any preparation. We encourage you to comment and ask questions.

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