Warsaw Customized 5-hour tour




Warsaw Customized 5-hour Private tour

Start: 10:00 – 15:00
Meeting point: Novotel Hotels & Resorts, Marszałkowska 94, 00-510 Warszawa
Language: English
Discover the history of Warsaw on this historical guided tour. Visit some of the most famous landmarks in the city, including the Royal Castle, the Holy Cross Church and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Explore the Royal Castle in Warsaw on a guided tour. During your trip you will visit the most important chambers, learn the history of the castle, and hear about its inhabitants.
  • Explore the historic city of Warsaw and its business city centre
  • View the most famous monuments in the city including Pomnik Bohaterów Getta
  • Learn about its history with your expert, local guide
  • Explore the UNESCO-listed Royal Castle in Warsaw
  • Get to know the royal life of Polish kings and discover the most important rooms of the castle and garden
Discover the charm of Warsaw Old Town, destroyed during the war but rebuilt in the beautiful Baroque style of architecture. Follow your friendly expert guide to Castle Square and visit the Royal Castle, where the Polish monarchs lived from 1596 to 1795.

Admire the Nicolaus Copernicus Monument and the Holy Cross Church, before you continue to the University of Warsaw. Enjoy a slightly longer stop at Pilsudski Square, previously Victory Square, where you can take the time to reflect upon the unique Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Experience the atmosphere of contemporary Warsaw and observe everyday life. Find the best hidden locations in the city with the help of your experienced local guide.

The Royal Castle in Warsaw is a baroque-classicist residence where many Polish monarchs used to live. Firstly, you will have a chance to take a careful look at the castle from the outside, and admire its Fourteenth Century architecture.

Step inside the Royal Castle to see its rich interior. Walk around the kings’ chambers, full of old historical paintings and decorations. Listen to the history of this impressive building, as there was a long process involved to finish it. Explore the former home of Polish monarchs and find out how it has changed over the years.

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